Škola pověřená vzděláváním cizinců

Fundamental school strategy

  • We prepare our pupils for successful coping with studies at high schools and apprentice training centres.
  • We attend to foreign pupils education and provide support, orientation and adaption in different socio-cultural environment.  Documents in foreign languages.
  • We shape active individuals who work with their rights and duties.
  • We raise tolerant, decent and educated young men.
  • We support creative thinking of pupils and their effective communication.
  • We teach pupils how to educate, work with information, cooperate and listen mutually.
  • We develop desire for continuing education.
  • We place preschool age children in a preparatory class to develop their abilites and skills and to reach success in coping with entering primary school.
  • We provide quality conditions for interest activities of pupils.


Our advantages

  • We use advantages of less numerous groups in classes (easy communication, personal familiarity and individual approach, assistant teacher possibility).
  • Obliging and highly qualified teaching staff with individual approach to pupils.
  • We use individual care for children with specific learning difficulties.
  • We offer English lessons from form two and German lessons from form seven.
  • Interactive boards are in each classroom and room.
  • Our computer room is modern.
  • We quarantee a rich choice of school clubs (during primary and elementary education).
  • School choir.
  • A possibility of visiting after-school care centre and a school club in the afternoon.
  • We offer a school library and a school information centre with computers connected to the Internet.
  • We provide a drinking regime.
  • We organize ski training course in form seven and foreign study trips for older elementary pupils.
  • Choice of two meals in our modern canteen.
  • Participation in series of sport competitions (floorball, football, dodgeball, Radio Cup).
  • Participation in projects: Templates for kindergartens and elementary schools, A chance for everyone, Stories of our neighbours, School fruit, School milk, A healthy five, Reading helps.


Relationship to parents and the public

  • We improve and develop relations between the school, parents and other family members (installation of electronic pupils´book).
  • We prefer a personal meeting when communicating.
  • We offer a possibility of renting a gym in the afternoon.


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Základní škola Jihlava

Křížová 33, příspěvková organizace
Křížová 1367/33
586 01 Jihlava

Datová schránka: 2nmmm7j

Vedení školy:

Mgr. Jana Nováková Hotařová
Tel.: 565 598 200
E-mail:  jana.novakova@zskrizova.cz

Zástupkyně ředitelky:
Mgr. Lenka Picková
Tel.: 565 598 201
E-mail: lenka.pickova@zskrizova.cz


Ekonomka školy:
Hana Hudecová
Tel.: 565 598 205
E-mail: ekonomka.skoly@zskrizova.cz

Školní jídelna:

Vedoucí školní jídelny: 

Radek Vitouš
Tel.: 565 598 280
E-mail: skolni.jidelna@zskrizova.cz